Rattlesnake Kate

All of the missing words are listed below. You may want to read them before starting. Choose the best word from the drop down list to make sense in the story.
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Rattlesnake Kate

Rattlesnake Kate got her name a day when she had to fight 140 rattlesnakes.
Kate had ridden to a with her 3 year old son, Ernie, gather any wounded ducks from hunters. She to climb down from her horse to the gate. That is when the first appeared.

Kate was a good shot. Kate's , Jack Slaughterback, was the person who taught how to ride and to shoot. She able to take care of herself and child as a dirt farmer because of skills. Those skills are also what saved and her son from the snakes on 28, 1925.

Kate saw the first snake the gate and shot it. The noise out 3 more snakes from nearby brush. was able to shoot those snakes, as . More snakes crawled out and Kate did want to use all of her bullets she looked for another weapon to use.

found a No Hunting sign that she able to use to fight off the . It took her 2 hours to fight enough snakes to get back on her to ride home.

A neighbor found her out with blisters on her hands and face swollen from the heat.The battle with snakes had been a tough one. Kate's that day made her famous.

Kate went and collected the dead snakes. She used 50 of the skins to make a style dress. You may see the dress display at Centennial Village. Kate would wear dress to many functions. She later kept inside a trunk where curious family members sneak peeks at it.

Centennial Village has bought Kate's old farm house. The museum Kate's old home during the summer of for $495. The house is in poor and will need quite a bit of to be ready for visitors.The plan is take pictures of the house, take it and number the pieces. The pieces are put back together on the Centennial Village . The house will be a part of Prairie Section. The house is planned to left unfurnished so the space can be for classes.