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Location of Greeley, Colorado

Greeley is almost 60 miles northeast of Denver. Greeley is located about 30 miles east of the foothills of The Rocky Mountains. Greeley is the county seat of Weld County. Weld County is larger than many states; including Rhode Island, Delaware, and Washington DC combined. It covers 4,004 square miles.


The land is mostly flat with some rolling prairies and low hills in the west. The location was chosen to be beneficial for farming. Being close to the Cache la Poudre and South Platte rivers was necessary for irrigation and farming. The easy access to the railroad also helped to get settlers into town and provided a way to get goods in and out of town.


Greeley is located in the Great Plains region of Colorado. When Stephen Long saw this area in 1820, he called it the "Great American Desert". He did not think that anything worth growing would live here. But irrigation has made this area one of the largest agricultural areas in the United States.


Nearby Greeley are the Pawnee Buttes and the National Grasslands. The area where Greeley stands today used to look like the Grasslands. The land is flat and has lots of grasses and other plants that do not need a lot of water. There are only few trees.


Greeley was close to the train tracks. Being close to the tracks, made it easy for farmers to get their goods to market. It also made it easier to get beef to market and to get sugar beets for the factory. Many of the buisnesses along the train tracks are still for agricultural products.