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Greeley has many different things to do.
Greeley offers different activities that meet many interests. There are cultural events, sports and outdoors, clubs and learning opportunities.

There are many things to do that are a part of the different cultures.
One of the annual events in Greeley that reflects the Hispanic culture is Cinco De Mayo. This used to be held in Lincoln Park but was moved to Island Grove in 2002. This event has dancing, music, games, food and crafts.

In late September, downtown Greeley celebrates Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a German celebration. It is held in Lincoln Park.

Greeley hosts the World Largest Fourth of July Rodeo.
The Greeley Stampede is a popular activity for residents and visitors alike.
Greeley Stampede
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The Fiesta is a celebration in Greeley.
Greeley's Hispanic Community has hosted the Fiesta Celebration for several years now. The Fiesta offers many choices of activities for families and individuals to participate in. The Fiesta is open to people from all cultures.
Fiesta Days

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Potato Days is held each September at Centennial Village.
One hundred years ago, the potato farmers in Greeley would gather in Lincoln Park for a celebration and share part of the harvest.

Today Potato Days still involves potatoes, but it also includes many other exhibitions and displays.

Potato Days
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Oktoberfest is held at the end of September.
This fun event is held in Lincoln Park in Downtown Greeley. Come enjoy the food, music, dance and fun while learning about the German Culture.

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The Arts Picnic is held every year.
Lincoln Park hosts the Arts Picnic during the last weekend of July each year. This is chance for local artists and crafters to display and sell their wares. You can find almost any kind of craft item available.

arts picnic
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Summertime brings a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.
Friday Fest takes place downtown on the plaza. There is food, drinks, treats, music and more.
people arriving Friday Fest Band at Friday Fest
Friday Fest is starting up! The Band at Friday Fest Summer 2008
Friday Fest dancers people listening to the music and watching the dancers
People dancing to the music. The crowd enjoying the music and dancers.

The Broncos came to Greeley each summer for training camp.
UNC was home to the Denver Broncos football team each summer for several weeks until 2003. People came from all over the west to see the Broncos get ready for a new season.

The crowd varied from seasoned football fans to curious onlookers. Autograph seekers tried to get in early to get a good spot to get their favorite players' autographs.

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