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Centennial Village was created in 1976. Many of the buildings were moved here from other places because they are like the buildings that were here.

The different structures represent the types of buildings in northeastern Colorado from 1860-1945. Some of the buildings are copies (replicas) of the types of buildings that existed in the area, but many are the original buildings that were moved to the site.

If you enjoy learning about plants. Centennial Village has many different native plants and garden plants to enjoy. Many of the plants are labeled so you can identify them.

Centennial Village hosts many fun and educational activities throughout the year. It is a favorite spot to take visitors. Some of the popular activities are the High Plains History Fest, Potato Days, Homesteader's Holiday, and the Lone Valley School. There is usually one fee day each year, as well.

You may even bring a picnic lunch to eat on the pavillion. Selma's Store has books, toys, food, postcards, and other gift items for sale.

Don't miss Centennial Village!

Media About Centennial Village
Below are pictures and Flash Files about Centennial Village. Click on the pictures to see them larger. They will open in a new window, close that window to return to this page.
centennial village museum sign
Entry Sign to Centennial Village Sign telling about the start of Centennial Village
depot depot board
Train Depot Depot Schedule Board
depot desk depot phone
Desks in Depot Phone in Depot
hanna square Hanna Square Pavillion
Sign telling about Hanna Square Hanna Square pavillion
garden fountain
Garden area by Hanna Square Hanna Square fountain
garden at Centennial Village flowers at centennial village
Garden at Centennial Village More flowers
pathway centennial village pond along path
Pathway in garden Small pond on pathway
chuckwagon sign chuckwagon
Chuckwagon sign Chuckwagon
beet wagon beet wagon
Beet Wagon sign Beet wagon
homestead inside homestead
Back of the Homestead House Inside of Homestead House
wagonhouse wagonhouse
Wagonhouse Owner Pictures Wagonhouse
inside wagonhouse wagonhouse
Inside of wagonhouse Wagonhouse from the side
chimney inside courthouse inside courthouse
Chimney inside original Weld County Courthouse Inside Courthouse
inside courthouse walls inside courthouse
Inside Courthouse Walls inside Courthouse
inside granary tools inside granary
Tools inside granary More tools inside granary
granary roof more tools
Granary roof More tools inside the granary
silo sign silo
Silo sign Silo
centennial church sign about church
Weld Centennial Church Sign telling about the church
church inside altar
Inside the church Altar in the church
organ piano
Organ Piano
stove window
Stove inside the church Stained glass window
Part One of the Centennial Village Virtual Field Trip
Part Two of the Centennial Village Virtual Field Trip.
A Movie of Centennial Village
Here is a video on setting type and printing papers. Video on Blacksmithing.
Centennial Village 2010 Centennial Village 2011
Here is a page with photos from the summer of 2010. Here is a page with photos from summer of 2011.
centennial Village fence Centennial Village 2013
See the beautiful "Go West" fence around the village Some new items from 2013
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