Centennial Village 2010
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Centennial Village Opening Day 2010

May 1 was opening day for Centennial Village. Admission was free for the day. The newly refurbished trolley car was open. It was the first time that people could go inside.

The other homes were open to visitors, as well. This was my first time inside the Swedish Sturga, Carpenter House and Stevens House.

Some of the more interesting items were the hair art in several homes. People would save the family's hair from combs and brushes in a jar then twist the hair onto thin wire to shape into a picture.

The pie safe in the Carpenter House was to keep the pies safe from the children and possible even dad! mom would bake the pies and put them inside the pie safe to cool then lock it up. Mom usually kept the key in a safe place.

The Hall House is used for meetings and classes so it does not have as many artifacts inside. However, it does have many photographs of early Greeley. This home also has a drinking fountain and bathrooms.

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apple tree in bloom apple tree blossoms

The village was full of blooming plants like this apple tree.

Apple blossoms
Garden at Centennial Village  
Garden at Centennial Village  
Inside Swedish Stuga
Inside Swedish Stuga  
Inside the Swedish Stuga  
photos in the Swedish Stuga Bible and lamp
Photos hanging in the Swedish Stuga. On the left is President Teddy Roosevelt. Bible and lamp inside the Stuga
Stitch work More stitch work
Stitch work inside the Swedish Stuga More needle work and a pin cushion
Wood Stove Bookshelf
Wood stove for heat Book shelf
Family who owned the house Photograph
The couple who owned the Swedish Stuga Another photograph
Picture on wall Stove
Picture on wall Another view of the stove
Kitchen Pantry
Kitchen inside Swedish Stuga Hutch
China Bedroom
China Bedroom in Swedish Stuga
Bed with wall pictures Mirror and dresser
Bed with pictures on the wall Mirror, dresser, washing-up dishes
Door stopper Needlework
Door Stopper Needlework
Shoes Needlework
Shoes Needlework with pin cushion
Inside the Carpenter House
mirror Carpenter Bedroom
Inside the Carpenter House Carpenter Bedroom
kitchen Stove
Kitchen with pie safe and wash tub Cook stove
Carpenter bedroom
Dining Room Table Carpenter Bedroom
sewing machine washing bowls
Treadle sewing machine Water pitcher, washing bowl and chamber pot
carpenter family nathan meeker and horace greeley
Carpenter Family Nathan Meeker and Horace Greeley
graduation pictures hair picture
Graduation pictures Picture made with the Carpenter family's hair
bedroom pantry
Bedroom Pantry
pie safe mustache cup
Pie Safe Mustache Cup
coat rack  
Coat Rack  
Trolley Car
trolley car seating advertisements inside trolley car
Seating inside the trolley car Advertisements inside the trolley car
entrance to trolley car trolley
Door to trolley Inside trolley
Hall House
Hall House sitting room
Sign telling about the house Sitting Room


lace curtains
Stairs leading to the upstairs. This part is closed to visitors. Lace Curtains
Steven's House
Steven's house parlor
Steven's House Front Parlor
Sitting room Bird Cage
Sitting Room Bird Cage
Sitting Room Mirror
Notice the plumbing pipes Sitting Room
fireplace Head ache couch
Fireplace Couch to lie on while recovering from a headache.
Beaded Curtain Dining room
Beaded Curtain Dining Room
China Hutch Ice Box
China Hutch Ice Box
Kitchen Stove
Indoor plumbing in the kitchen Stove
ironing board Baking  Hutch
Ironing board, iron and clothes pins Baking Hutch
children's room children's room
Children's Room Children's room
Bedroom Bedroom
radiator dresser
Radiator Dresser
Stairway Indoor tub
Stairway Indoor Tub
Indoor bathroom Sitting room
Indoor bathroom Upper sitting room
sitting room Mr Steven's room
Sitting room Mr. Steven's room
Mr Steven's room Mr. Steven's room
Mr. Steven's room Dresser
Mr Steven's room Mrs. Steven's room
Mr. Steven's room Mrs. Steven's room
Dress making mannequin Steven's Hair Picture
Mrs. Steven's room The form is for sewing clothes to fit. A popular craft project was to create pictures from your family's hair. Family members would save their hair in a small box. The hair was then wrapped around thin wire and shaped into the picture. This is made from the Steven's family hair.
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