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This website has been the work of myself, Sara L. Brooks with the input and cooperation of many people and resources. I am a media specialist in an elementary school. I earned a MA in Information and Learning Technologies from CU Denver in 2002. I began teaching back in 1986.

Greeley History began in July 2002 and has grown a lot since that time. I do a lot of research to create this website. Even after living in Greeley since 1976, there was a lot I didn't know. Each year I learn something new about Greeley. I read a lot of books, read newspaper stories, talk with the museum experts, take classes and visit lots of places. It is a fun learning experience. History is always facinating. I hope that the site becomes a useful resource for teachers and students. It is a continuing work in progress. These credits show why you can trust the information that you learn here.


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Weld County Map
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Topo Map
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Linn Grove Cemetery Field Trip Map was created by modifying the cemetery map.
City of Greeley. Linn Grove Cemetery 2011. June 2011. Permission granted for use on July 14, 2011 by Joel Hemesath. Public Works Director. City of Greeley.

1870 Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado
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Various Other Colorado Maps
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Map of Greeley for Creating Grid Maps
The City of Greeley’s GIS. < Reference/CityBaseMap-web.pdf> 2012. Permission for use given July 30, 2013 by Brian P. Sullivan GIS Manager City of Greeley.

Information on Various Pages and Topics


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Rattlesnake Kate

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Greeley Hatworks
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WD Farr
Highlights on W.D. Farr
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Family's Farm Morphed into One Hill of a Greeley Neighborhood
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Number 3 Ditch
Number 3 Ditch
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Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith was a rare female architect in early 1900s
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Bessie Smith Lived in Teller County
Year: 1900; Census Place: Precinct 26, Teller, Colorado; Roll: 129; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 0124; FHL microfilm: 1240129.
Bessie Smith Married and Moved to San Diego
Year: 1920; Census Place: East San Diego, San Diego, California; Roll: T625_130; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 243; Image: 843.
Bessie's Death Record
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Dr. Ella Mead
Greeley's First Housing Boom
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Psyche Boyd
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Photo ©Greeley Museums

Fred P. Noffsinger

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Photo courtesy of Janet Davis.

Weld's Highway of History
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Greeley Train Depot
Ghosts of Greeley: City has its fair share of haunted history
Ghosts of Greeley: City has its fair share of haunted history
. Greeley Tribune. October 31, 2010.<>
Chamber of Commerce
Greeley Independence Day Stampede
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Greeley Museums

Centennial Village
Centennial Village Museum Visitor Guide.

Official City Website
Visitors' Bureau
Downtown Greeley
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Java Script provided by Jesse Sarles Web manager, KCNC-CBS4.
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East Memorial and The Crossing
School Transportation News.
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Here is the original series The Crossing hosted by the Denver Public Libary. Please, ask permission before using any of the materials on the site. Preview before sharing with students.

The Fence
Eads, Samantha. Historical Hindsights: The infamous cattle break of 1872. Greeley Tribune. Greeley, Colorado. February 9, 2012.
Spanish Colony
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Weather Banner
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Elbridge Gerry
Grimm, Steve. Elbridge Gerry. August 26, 2011.<>

Elbridge Gerry
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Agriculture in Greeley
Brown, Eric. Raised in Weld: LIVESTOCK, DAIRY INDUSTRY DRIVING FORCES OF WELD AGRICULTURE. Greeley Tribune. September 24, 2011.<>
Historic Photos Credits

Historic Photos
Copyright Permissions Page

Western History/Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library. Various URLs from this server. Each photo has the individual URL listed with the photo. To see a list of the URLS from the days that they were added. Click here.
Copy of the Permissions Page

Native Photo from source above.
Chamberlein, W.G. Ouray, Chipeta, Piah. Denver Public Library. November 24, 2002.<> Copyright

Shawsheen and Her Husband Photo.
Chamberlain, William Gunnison. "Ute Young Woman, Susan or Sarah, Sister of Chief Ouray, and Her Husband, Both in Partial Native Dress 1870."
National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland. August 7, 2011. SPC BAE 4605 01603603, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution <!siarchives&uri=full=3100001~!40749~!0#focus>

Josephine Meeker and Mrs. Price Photo and Josephine Meeker's Obituary
Taylor, James E. (Artist). "Flora Price, Her Two Children, and Josephine Meeker, All Taken Captive with Josephine's Mother, Arvilla, After Battle of Milk Creek, 1879, and Murder of Nathan C. Meeker, Josephine's Father and Indian Agent at White River Agency 1879." National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland. August 7, 2011. SPC BAE 4605 01603604, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution. <

Elbridge Gerry Photo
Cragin, Professor Francis W. Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. <>. (August 26, 2011)

Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum
Starsmore Center for Local History
Colorado Springs, CO USA

Meeker Family Photos, Fullerton, Catherine. July 16, 2012.

Greeley Grays
The Greeley Grays. July 29, 2005. <>.
Irazarri, Alex. Grays a Part of Players. July 29, 2005. <>.
Gabriel Lopez conversation about the Greeley Grays and the Gipson School in the Spanish Colony. Photographs of the Greeley Grays and Gipson School courtesy of Gabriel Lopez. Permission granted for educational use by Gabriel Lopez with credit given.

Circus Men at Linn Grove Cemetery
Greeley Woman Works to Give 'Ten Circus Men" From 1884 Tragedy a Name
Peters, Mike.Greeley Woman Works to Give 'Ten Circus Men" From 1884 Tragedy a Name. Greeley Tribune. 26, 2011)

Pfeif, Sherri.Unnamed Circus-Train Fire Victims Get New Headstone. Greeley Tribune. December 30, 2011. December 30, 2011.<>

Roasted to Death in a Car. New York Times. August 30. 1884.December 30, 2011.<>

Growing Up With Greeley. Weld School District 6 Social Studies Curricullum.
How A Town Starts. Weld School District 6 Social Studies Curricullum.
A Million Grasshoppers
David Boyd. A History: Greeley and the Union Colony of Colorado. Greeley. Kendall Printing Company. 1890.
Kristy Passard for illustrating How Rattlesnake Kate Got Her Name.
Elijah Rodgers for posing and participating in events for pictures and movies.
Keri Voigt for the pictures of the early Greeley History Museum.
Christine Sallee for sharing all of her Greeley History materials collected through the years.
Aaron McGuire for help in making the Timeline Page and the Title Graphic.
Pat Otto for sharing her resources that she used with her third graders.
Peggy Hoerner and Caroline Street for reminding me about the "Haunted Train Depot" story.
The Staff at Centennial Village, Plumb Farm, City Museum and the Meeker Home for allowing me access for picture taking. Especially Sheryl Kippen. Education Coordinator, City of Greeley Museums, 2005 for her help with finding information about Bessie Smith.
Apple iPhoto for some slideshow templates and music. Apple Keynote for most slideshow templates. Apple iMovie for some movie templates and music.
A special thanks to Mrs. Tiffany McCall (Heiman Elementary) and all of the third graders from 2001-2002 at Jackson Elementary who inspired this project.
Tiffany McCall asked me to work with her third graders to make Hyperstudio Stacks on Greeley History. The project alerted me to the lack of materials the kids and teachers had to work with; therefore, I began to put together this Web Unit. Tiffany is also a volunteer at Centennial Village. Thanks, Tiffany, for getting me started!
Updated on February 11, 2012


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