Gipson School
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Gipson School
Gipson School 1949 ©Gabriel Lopez (Permission granted for educational use)
Gipson School was a one room school house.
The children from the Spanish Colony were the students. Here is a story from one of the students who went there.
"I was remembering recently that there was a school in Greeley, that we went to as kids. It was called a farm school but I can’t remember the name. We had one huge classroom and we had grades from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Ok picture this, every grade in one room. Each class in one or two rows side by side and the next grade in another line. At the head of each class a teacher, matron like in a long skirt or dress buttoned all the way up. The dress was drab dark gray or black, I never saw bright colored clothes except maybe a white blouse or shirt. The bathroom was an outhouse in back of the building. There was a big room we played in when it snowed and I felt lost in this room. Older kids ran around me sometimes knocking me down throwing balls, jump roping and kids playing jacks. It felt scary in such a big room. The teachers were mean and they weren’t afraid to hit kids in the palms or upper part of the hand with a roller. It never happened to me but I saw my cousin Paul get hit once with a strap but most of the time with a roller for not listening or not doing his homework. The poor guy. The school was way out in the country, far from the colony so we took a bus to school. When the snow got too high on the road we stayed home because the bus couldn’t get through and so we would have a “fun day”. I remember playing in the snow building a snowman and digging tunnels from one house to another yelling as we dug to make sure we dug in the right direction. We would dig straight to meet our friends and our cousins under the snow! Can you imagine if the snow would have caved in on us? Wow! I still thank God he watched over us." Told to Daniel Gallegos by his Aunt Diana Gallegos Hernandez
Picture of Gipson School courtesy of Gabriel Lopez. Story courtesy of Daniel Gallegos.
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