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Graphic Organizers
You may print these out or many could also be downloaded to a tablet or iPad for students to annotate on the device.
Meeker Concept Web Concept Circles Writing plans
This is a concept web sheet about Nathan Meeker. This is an organizer to help students with vocabulary. Includes 10 words. Temperance is the tenth word. This can be used to help with organizing a report.
History Change I 25 organizer Internet Research Organizer
This has students look at changes experienced by three different groups over time. Greeley turned down being on the I-25 corridor. Was that a good idea? This sheets helps students look at both sides. This may be a good activity to do in pairs or in small groups. Internet Research Sheet. This may be used for other sites as well as this one. It has places for Bibliography information.
events town Cause and Effect
Here is a Three Column Notes sheet for important events in Greeley's history. White River Massacre is already on the sheet. Here is a Three Column Notes sheet for telling about Greeley and making decisions about whether or not it is a good or bad place to live. This organizer allows students to tell how the location of Greeley and the values of the early settlers had an effect on both the agriculture and the recreational activities of the town.
fact notes Hyperstudio
Students can organize their thoughts into the categories facts or opinion using this sheet. Use this sheet to help students plan their text for a slide show presentation. It uses a simple PowerOut model. These are cards without titles for planning other cards than the ones included on the other sheet.
research page people note taking sheet frame
Here is sheet that students can use for note-taking about Greeley's history. Here is a note taking sheet that students may use about a person in Greeley's history. Students can fill in the blanks of this frame paragraph to write about how agriculture affects Greeley's economy.
immigrants then and now seven principles of Greeley leprino_impact_sheets
Compare immigrants then to immigrants today. Students can write and draw pictures explaining the Seven Principles of Greeley. Leprino Cheese factory has opened. Brainstorm how the factory may impact Greeley by using what you know about how the sugar beet factory changed Greeley. Includes a planning sheet and writing paper. There is a second writing paper that is just lined.
agriculture today Greeley Predictions agriculture notes
Students can use this organizer to explore how agriculture still is important to Greeley. Before learning about Greeley, students can make predictions about Greeley's past. After they have completed the unit, they may make predictions about the future of Greeley. Note taking sheet about agriculture in Greeley.
venn diagram comparing immigrant groups Opportunity Cost Best Indian Agent
Venn diagram comparing Hispanic immigrants to German-Russian immigrants Greeley chose not to be on the I-25 corridor. What was the opportunity cost? Was the decision a good one? After learning about both Nathan Meeker, his daughter, Josephine and the White River Massacre, students can decide who they think would be the best agent for the agency.
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