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The Greeley Grays home was The Spanish Colony.
The Spanish Colony team was started in 1925 by Dimas Salazar. The players were from ages 15-39 and played against teams from Greeley, Ault, Gilcrest, Gill and other surrounding towns.

The bat boy was Alvin Garcia.

After being a batboy, Alvin Garcia was managing a sandlot team when the Spanish Colony team stopped playing in 1938. That team took its new name from the Negro League Homestead Grays. They were the Greeley Grays.

People in the colony went to the games.
The families would make a day out of the games. They would pack a lunch and drive to watch the games. They would cheer, honk horns, and yell.

The Greeley Grays brought people together.

Alvin Garcia, the original batboy, managed the team until 1969. The Greeley Grays became a semi-professional team in 1942. They won a lot of games. Many people wanted to play for the team. The team helped with the problems between the hispanics and whites. Even though, they started as an Hispanic team, soon they had an African-American and Anglo players on the team.

Many players went on to good careers.
Several of the players signed to play professional baseball and many became coaches for colleges or even the pros. Greg Riddoch was one of those players who was both a player and coach. Several other players have gone on to be familar names within our city such as Gil Carbajal and Ernie Andrade. Being on the team built good character and a strong work ethic.

Many people wanted to be on the team.
The Greeley Grays had a good name. Many people wanted to play for them.So there were some years that the Greeley Grays had more than one team. They also had the Rocky Grays and the Junior Grays.

The Greeley Grays are back.
They play at University Field. Tickets are available for all home games. They play against Ft. Collins, Cheyenne, and Laramie.

Below are some pictures of the Greeley Grays. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture. Close the picture window to return to this page. All team pictures on this page ©Gabriel Lopez permission is granted for use in educational projects.
1937 Grays
1937-1938 Greeley Spanish Colony Team ©Gabriel Lopez
Top Row L To R: Fred Salazar, Anastasio “Tacho” Tellez, George Villa, Augustine “Gus” Lopez, Dave Lopez, Mario Lopez
Middle Row L to R: Romolo Trijillo, Pete “Junior” Rucobo, Lupie Federico
Front Row L to R: Domino Duran, Jessie Gonzales, Alvin Garcia
1938 Grays
1938 Greeley Grays ©Gabriel Lopez
1941 Greeley Grays ©Gabriel Lopez
The Lopez Brothers 1952
1952 Greeley Grays Lopez Brothers ©Gabriel Lopez
Standing L to R: Arnulfo “Nudy,” Frank, Mario, Ricardo “Rico,” David “Dave,” and Augustine “Gus”
1965 Greeley Grays
1965 Greeley Grays ©Gabriel Lopez
Back Row L To R: Arnulfo “Nudy” Lopez, Darrel Brumley, George Villa, Tito “Butter” Garcia, Rick Sullivan, Sam Lopez
Front Row L to R: Joe Romero, Joe Garcia, Bob Cast, Paul Villa, Bart Lopez (batboy), Rico Lopez, Gil Carbajal, Sal Salazar
1965 Rocky Grays
©Gabriel Lopez
alvin garcia  
There is a tile art piece for Alvin Garcia next to the Greeley City Museum.  
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