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JBS is bringing in new people to work.
JBS is bringing in workers from Africa and Asia to work in Greeley. The new workers have brought different cultures to our city. We have people from Somalia, Burma (Myanmar), Korea, and Thailand.

Some of the workers don't speak English.
There are many new languages being spoken in Greeley. The new immigrants do not speak the same language as each other. There may be 20 or more new languages being spoken in our city.

The new workers also bring in new religions.
Many of the new workers are Muslims. Their religion is Islam.They celebrate different holidays. Their holidays are celebrated by fasting (Not eating or drinking anything) and praying. This has caused some problems at the JBS Plant between the workers.

Greeley's Culture is richer because of our immigrants.
We will learn more about our new neighbors in the next few years. Hopefully, Greeley will accept our new neighbors quickly into our city so that they do not suffer the discrimination that our other immigrant groups faced.

Our goods and services change when new immigrants come here to live.
Greeley now has an East African store and an Asian Market to provide goods that the immigrants want to buy. There are new services to help the immigrants such as an African restaurant downtown and the Global Cultural Center to help with classes and assimilation.

Little Russia Spanish Colony Somali Star
The area near Jefferson High School was where most immigrant families started their lives in Greeley. The first immigrants were the German-Russians. Somali families hang stars in their home for good luck. This star is on display in the Greeley History Museum. It was made by Anab Abdi.
all_american_city Migrant Worker Timeline
Northern Colorado Upward Bound made a documentary about Greeley that focuses on immigration. It is 25 minutes long and a large file so preload to view. Greeley All American City See a timeline and more pictures on Migrant Worker Timeline.
spanish colony german-russians
Learn about The Spanish Colony. Read more about the German-Russians
Learn more about the importance of agriculture in Greeley.  
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