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These are some sites that also have information about Greeley and may be better for teachers than students. The sites were up to date as of July 17, 2012 As these links are external links from this site, you may want to be careful when you click on links in those sites. If you find a broken link, please, let me know.

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Poudre Learning Center
More about the Poudre Learning Center. pictures, educator resources, contact information and more.
Poudre River Trail
Not only does this site have maps and information about the trail, but it includes some tidbits about the history of the area.

The Greeley Stampede

City of Greeley Pages This tells about Greeley.

Greeley Chamber Of Commerce pages These have information about Greeley's Businesses. They also have facts and information about jobs, schools, activities, and some basic facts.

To find out more about Greeley's Historic Buildings, go to the Historical Preservation Pages.
These links are to articles about some of the people who live or lived in Greeley.
Ken Monfort This is the biography of the man whose family Monfort Elementary was named for.
The following are links to some topics that you may want more information about.
Cinco De Mayo Find out the significance of this Mexican holiday and why it is also important to the USA. Sugar Beets Learn about how this important crop to Greeley is grown. Picture of sugar beets Inside a Warehouse
Beetworkers Northern Colorado This has some historical photos of the early beet workers in our area. Many are from Ft Collins.

German-Russian Heritage



German POW Story
Greeley Grays
Website of the team.
Greeley Grays and Spanish Colony
This is Gabriel and Jody Lopez's site.

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