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Linn Grove Cemetery is a good place to learn about Greeley history.
Linn Grove Cemetery was purchased on June 1, 1874.The owner was Joseph Shattuck. He named his farm Linn Grove Farm. The city kept the name. It was originally 45 acres and was bought for $500. Today the cemetery covers 65 acres.

The original cemetery which was called "The Union Colony Cemetery" was located on the hill by what is today the UC Center at UNC.

The first burial happened on June 6, 1874. In 1918, 148 people died from the flu and pneumonia and were buried in Linn Grove.

Ten unknown victims of a circus train fire that happened near Windsor in 1884 are buried together in a mass grave. Patti Morgan has learned the names of most of the men. She helped raise money to place a new marker with their known names on it. The new marker was put up in December 2011.

The only lynching victim in Greeley, Wilbur French, is buried here with his wife. Surprisingly, he has a beautiful marker.

Several important historical people are also buried here. Nathan Meeker and his family, Benjamin Eaton, the Farr family and the Monfort families are a few.

Here is the link to the Full Audio Boo. Here you can see Linn Grove on a map and see a picture.
entrance pond Sign in Cemetery
Here is the entrance to the cemetery The cemetery is also beautiful. This is the pond. There are swans who live on the pond. Sign at the cemetery
Eaton Petrikin marker john Sanborn's gravesite
This is the grave of Benjamin Eaton. He was the fourth governor of Colorado. John M.B. Pritikin Early Greeley Businessman. In 1927, he is credited by saving the rodeo by making a public statement that he liked the events. Gravesite of John Sanborn. One of the first settlers in Greeley. He also made many maps of the area. Sanborn Park is named for him.
meeker Nathan and Arvilla meeker kids
This is the headstone for the Meeker family. The letters are all carved into the stone. Nathan and Arvilla Meeker The Meeker Children
Lt Richard Monfort Monfort Family Warren Monfort
This is the headstone for Lt. Richard Monfort. The son of Warren Monfort who was MIA and presumed killed during World War ll.This is the grave site of the Monfort family. This is the headstone for Ken Monfort. This is the marker for Warren Monfort. Warren was the founder of feedlots in the beef industry.
Farr Markers David Boyd's Gravesite Gravesite of Psyche Boyd
W.H. Farr and Jeannie Farr's markers. They were W. D. Farr's parents and originally homesteaded where the Hillside subdivision is located. Gravesite of David Boyd. One of the first settlers in Greeley, and he wrote the first book about Greeley. Gravesite of Psyche Boyd, daughter of David Boyd. She was a photographer in Greeley.
Bell Tower bell tower Collage Linn Grove
Looking up the bell tower Bell tower The bell tower A Collage of Linn Grove Pictures
Old Circus Man Marker New Circus Man marker with Names Wilbur French's marker
The old Marker without names New marker with the names that are known Wilbur French's marker
Listen to a slideshow highlighting a few other historical markers located in Linn Grove Cemetery.
interesting markers in Linn Grove
A couple of interesting markers in Linn Grove Cemetary.
painting effect 1 linn grove painting effect 2 linn grove painting effect 3 linn grove
Not only is Linn Grove historical but beautiful. Click on one of the "paintings" above to see a slideshow showing each of the actual photos then the "paintings." Each "painting" above shows the same slideshow.
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