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Greeley has had many interesting people live here.
Greeley has had many interesting and diverse characters. Four of these people have had schools named for them. These are Nathan Meeker, the founder of Greeley, and Shawsheen, the Ute Princess, who was a heroine, Robert A. Cameron who was one of the founding fathers of Greeley, and the Monfort family who had a huge impact on the beef industry and Greeley.

Also learn about these people: Nathan Meeker's feisty daughter, Josephine was taken hostage by the Utes. Bessie Smith was Greeley's first female architect. She designed several homes and commercial buildings in town. Some are still standing today. One of the most colorful characters from Greeley's history was Rattlesnake Kate. Her life included several exciting adventures. The story of how she earned her nickname is the most famous one. There was also W.D. Farr who was important to water and the cattle industry. Dr. Ella Mead was one of the early woman doctors. She also owned one of the first cars in Greeley. Elbridge Gerry was the first permanent white settler in Weld County. Learn how he saved Denver from a planned attack. Psyche Boyd was one of the first residents of Greeley. She lived in Greeley most of her life, and she owned her own photography shop. Fred P. Noffsinger was an inventor whose inventions helped farmers be more productive. J.M.B. Petrikin was an important man in the community.

All of these people have stories to tell.
To learn more about Nathan Meeker, Shawsheen, Robert A. Cameron, Ken Monfort, Bessie Smith, Rattlesnake Kate, W.D. Farr, Josephine Meeker, Psyche Boyd, Fred P. Noffsinger, J.M.B. Petrikin and Dr. Ella Mead click on the links below.

Nathan Meeker


Rattlesnake Kate

Nathan Meeker Shawsheen Rattlesnake Kate
W.D. Farr

Robert A. Cameron

dr. Ella Mead
W.D. Farr General Robert A. Cameron Dr. Ella Mead
Bessie Smith courtesy Greeley Museums Ken Monfort Elbridge Gerry
Bessie Smith (Photo courtesy Greeley Museums) Ken Monfort Elbridge Gerry
(Photo Credit Professor Francis W. Cragin from Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum.)
josephine meeker Psyche Boyd Fred P. Noffsinger
Josephine Meeker
Learn about Nathan Meeker's youngest child.
Psyche Boyd
Learn about this early pioneer.(Photo courtesy Greeley Museums)

Fred P. Noffsinger
Learn about his inventions and how they helped farmers. Photo courtesy from Janet Davis.

J.M.B. Petrikin page spirits greeley's past Other People
Learn About the eccentric J. M. B Petrikin.

Spirits of Greeley's Past
Each summer the Greeley Museums present a program called, "Spirits of Greeley's Past.

See and learn about some other interesting people from Greeley's History.
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