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There are many different choices of fun things to do in Greeley.
Greeley offers many activities for individuals and families to do.

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Rec Center UCCC
The Recreation Center offers many activities;such as, swimming, aerobics, weight lifting, volleyball, basketball, and racquetball.

The Union Colony Civic Center has the Monfort Concert Hall, The Hensel Phelps Theatre, and the Tointon Gallery for the Visual Arts.

Each year there are many performances including plays, dances, comedy routines, and other productions. Both the Greeley Chorale and the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra perform here.

Warnoco 2007 Renegade Hockey Sign

Warnoco West was a popular roller skating rink. It closed in 2004. It has reopened as an ice hockey rink.


Warnoco West is home to the Renegades!
Old Warnoco  
There was also a rink called Warnoco North. It has since closed down. It began as Sall's Gardens in 1921. The local Rollerderby league, The Slaughterhouse Derby Girls were hoping to buy it to host Roller Derby bouts. Unfortunately, this historic roller rink has a rule that the building may not be used as a roller rink.  
Baseball fields Monfort Park
These are the baseball fields at the Youth Sports Complex.

Greeley has many neighborhood parks that offer many recreational opportunities.

Monfort Park is one of the newest parks. It has many areas designated for sports such as, soccer, baseball, and even street hockey.

golf course


With all the sunshine in Greeley, golfing is a popular past time for many residents. The Poudre River Trail is a paved path that will cover 30 miles linking Greeley to Windsor then on to Ft Collins. People can walk, bike or roller blade on the path.

There is the possibility of seeing wildlife along the trail. If you are quiet, you may see eagles, herons, foxes and deer.

Sign Ice Haus ice Haus
The Ice Haus The Ice Haus was built on the corner of 8 Avenue and 9 Street.
ice haus ice haus
Another view of the Ice Haus The Ice Haus
Slideshow Movie of Downtown Greeley in 2011. This is a large file. Let it load before playing. It shows mostly historic buildings and some refurbishing that is happening now.
With Greeley's growth, many new facilities have been built for recreation.
amphitheatre miniture golf
Amphitheatre at Twin Rivers Park Miniature Golf at Family FunPlex
miniture golf Family FunPlex
Miniature golf at Family Fun Plex The Family Fun Plex at Twin Rivers Park.
glass art Glass Art
Glass Art at Twin Rivers Park Glass Art at Twin Rivers Park
Glass Art Glass Art
Glass Art at Twin Rivers Park Glass Art at Twin Rivers Park
Farr Library Farr Library
Farr Branch Library Farr Branch Library
water park Balsam Sports Park
Greeley has a waterpark on the east side of town Balsam Sports Park
And there is shopping to do! And food to eat.
Downtown Plaza Rio
Downtown Plaza The Patio at the Rio Grande downtown
Florios chucky Cheese
Florio's has been downtown since 1922 and is the second oldest shoe store in Colorado. Kids of all ages love going to Chuckie Cheese.
cinemark theaters Cinemark theaters
The Cinemark movie-plex is located in the mall. There are a dozen theaters here.
Greeley mall greeley mall
Greeley Mall is one of the places to shop. There are new stores at the mall. With the loss of Dillards, the fate of the mall is uncertain.
St. Michaels is a newer shopping area. It has more than shops and restaurants.
st michaels st michaels
Seating Area Some shops and places to eat.
ampitheater st michaels
The ampitheater Shops and restaurants
playground turtle
A playground A funny turtle
Greeley has a train museum for model trains.
train museum train museum
Entrance to the museum Outside of the museum
Virtual Field Trips  
Virtual Field Trips Walks and Hikes in the Greeley area.  
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