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On this page, you will find some online activities and different files that can be used in projects. There are digital pictures and even some Quicktime movies. Your teacher may have files ready for you to use in a different way than from this page.
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Any/all of the pictures, movies, Flash movies, teacher files created by myself, Sara L. Brooks, contained on the Greeley History for kids website may be used for educational works by teachers, students or other non-profit groups as long as credit is given to me for my work.
Online Activities
Here are some on online writing activities along with some online quizzes to see what you have learned about Greeley.
On Line Writing Page
Online Writing
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Online Quizzes
Here are different quizzes that you may take if your teacher says that you may take them. Close the Quiz window to come back to this page.

Greeley Dates Fill in the Blank Quiz Rattlesnake Kate Cloze Matching Quiz Places In Greeley Match Quiz
Vocabulary Quiz Greeley Quiz Match the Event With Its Year Multiple Choice with Text Timeline Quiz
Reading a Map Grid Goods and Services Drag and Drop      
Digital Pictures
Click on the small picture (thumbnail) to see the full picture. If you want to use the picture, click and hold (or Control+Click Mac or Right Click PC) until the drop down menu shows. Then either copy the picture or download it. Close the picture window when finished. You may also click and hold on the thumbnail to get a smaller picture. You may also use any of my other pictures on this site for your own projects or reports.
Coronado Meeker Home
Weldorado Building Meeker Home


Ice Building
The Train Depot The Ice Building

Old Tribune Building

New Tribune Building
Old Tribune Building Now the City Museum New Tribune Building
Sugar Beet Factory Weld County Garage
Sugarbeet Factory Old Weld County Garage
Courthouse Pioneer Fountain
Weld Courthouse Pioneer Fountain
Irrigation Ditch Poudre River
Irrigation Ditch Poudre River
Poudre River Lincoln Park
Poudre River Lincoln Park
Plaza Old Greeley High School
Downtown Plaza with the street. Old Greeley High School
Stampede Stadium View South
Stampede Stadium View looking South towards Greeley
Meeker Bust CO Plumb
Bust of Nathan Meeker C.O. Plumb
Plumb Farm Sign house at Plumb Farm
Sign at Plumb Farm Plumb Farm House
statue at Plumb Farm Baptist Church
Statue at Plumb Farm Baptist Church
Glazier House Haynes House
Glazier House Haynes House
Library and museum mural
Downtown Library Mural on City Building
rec center UCCC
Rec Center Union Colony Civic Center
ward 1 school UCCC and Rec center
Ward 1 School building UCCC and the Rec center
tipi church at Centennial Village
Tipi Church at Centennial Village
granary Adobe home
Granary Adobe Home
Homestead depot at Centennial Village
Homestead Depot at Centennial Village
plow Selma's Store
Plow Selma's Store
Chuck Wagon Wagon House
Chuck Wagon Wagon House
Old Weld County Courthouse Poudre Trail
Old Weld County Courthouse Poudre River Trail
Flower Along Poudre Trail River
Flower Along Poudre Trail Poudre Trail
Flower Along Trail Poudre Trail
Flower Along Trail Poudre River On The Trail
View along trail Sign For Poudre Trail
Poudre River Trail Sign For Poudre Trail
Fountain flowing Monfort park
Pioneer Fountain spouting Monfort Park
Shawsheen Meeker Marker
Princess Shawsheen Meeker family marker at Linn Grove.
irrigated field stove
Irrigated field Cast iron stove
pen and ink wells typewriter
Meeker's pens and ink wells Typewriter
Meeker's secretary Josephine's dress
Meeker's secretary Josephine's dress
Picture Viewer Making Rope
Picture viewer Making Rope at Potato Days
Stagecoach Buffalo Hide
Stagecoach ride at Potato Days Buffalo hide on display at Potato Days
Flap Jack Feed cooks Flap Jack Feed crowd
Cooking at the Flapjack Feed at the Stampede. Crowd at Flapjack Feed.
Pile of Sugar Beets  
Huge pile of sugarbeets.  

Pictures from Gabriel Lopez
Please credit Gabriel Lopez if you use either of these pictures.

1941 Greeley grays Gipson School
1941 Greeley Grays Courtesy ©Gabriel Lopez Gipson School Courtesy of ©Gabriel Lopez
Quicktime Movies for Multimedia Click on the thumbnail to see the movie. Close the Movie Window to return to this page.
Blacksmith Centennial Village

Blacksmith in Centennial Village


Centennial Village
Press in Centennial Village Homestead
There are many special days at Centennial Village. This is a clip about Raptors, Reptiles and Other Creatures. This is the old silo and farm tools at Centennial Village.
Setting type at Centennial Village. This is a movie showing part of the trail.
Art's Picnic Stage Area
This is a clip of the crowd and a few booths. A clip of a band playing at the Art's Picnic
Food Court Making Buttons
The Food Court at the Art's Picnic The Hand's on Area at the Art's Picnic
Tanis Bator as Rattlesnake Kate Traing Camp
Here is a short clip of Tanis Bator portraying Rattlesnake Kate. Here is some shots of the Broncos at training camp.
irrigation ditch  
Here is a short clip of an irrigation ditch.  
Stories from Weld District 6 Social Studies Curriculum.
Growing Up With Greeley Story from old District Curriculum about a young boy who comes to Greeley as one of the first settlers. How a Town is Started Here is the beginning of Greeley told in a story format. Nathan Meeker Looks For a Home
Story form that tells about Nathan Meeker's early years. PDF file.
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