People in Greeley History Research Reports
Idea from Catie Ruch at Centennial Elementary

Have students view the people pages in the computer lab or as a class by using a projector or interactive white board. This way they get to see all of the images and videos. Print out the pdf files from the Greeley History for Kids site so that the teams have a hard copy. Have students work in groups of 3 to research their person. They may highlight important information or take notes on a graphic organizer. They write their paper and include it on a large sheet of colored paper with pictures about their person.

They also include a map of Greeley that they label with a compass rose and the location of the school along with both the Platte and Poudre rivers.


bessie smith poster
Posters Bessie Smith Poster
Meeker Poster WD Farr Poster
Meeker Poster W. D. Farr Poster
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