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Greeley Stampede

The Greeley Stampede has been a colorful part of Greeley's activities for almost 90 years.
The rodeo began in 1922 and was first called the Spud Rodeo in honor of the potato being the major crop of the town. The name was changed to the Go West With Greeley Rodeo in 1949. It became the Greeley Independence Stampede in 1972. In 2003, the name was changed to Rocky Mountain Stampede. In 2005, the name became the Greeley Stampede once again.

In 1942, World War II was going on and that changed the rodeo activities.
The fireworks were banned to save the gunpowder for the war effort. All soldiers and sailors in uniform were able to come to the rodeo for free. An army officer was invited to the parade to review the troops in the parade. However, he was not able to get to his seat in the stands because a MP (military police) officer stopped him because the street was blocked for the parade.

The rodeo began as a one day event and has grown to more than week long celebration.
The first rodeos featured such events as bucking bronc riding, fancy roping, a pie eating contest, a horse race, motorcycle race and bicycle races.

The traditional rodeo celebration includes all of the rodeo events that take place during both weeks, along with parades, barbecues, Flapjack Feeds, carnival, concerts, dances, plays, and watermelon feed.

The Stampede is having trouble making enough money.
They hope to improve the Stampede so that this yearly tradition may continue.

Here is a timeline of the Greeley Stampede history.

Scroll to view the whole timeline.

Flapjack Feed
The Flapjack feeds are always fun.
Cooking at the Flapjack Feed Flapjack feed line
Cooking for the Flapjack Feed at Island Grove Park. Serving Line with crowd.
Food! More crowd at Flapjack Feed
Food! Another crowd shot.
Barbeque Feed
The line before serving. The food!
Talking and relaxing. The line inside
The Rodeo! Most pics will open a larger pic when you click on the thumbnail. A few won't.
Bull crashing
Bull crashing through the gate. Bull Rider
calf roping Bull
Calf Roping Another Bullride
Barrell Race barrell race
Barrell Racing Going home after the barrell race.
Drill Team Team Roping
Drill Team Team Roping
You can even try to ride a mechanical bull!  
Updated June 26, 2011  


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