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On Line Writing to Prepare for Online CMAS
The new online Colorado Social Studies test has several different short answer questions that use higher order thinking skills. These activites may help students become familar with the format and type of questions they may see on the assessment.
colorado map sugar beet workers
Write about Greeley's chosen location. Where did Greeley's immigrants come from and why did they come here? What has been their impact on Greeley's agriculture?
rattlesnake kate and josie meeker info_graphic_greeley
Compare Rattlesnake Kate to Josephine Meeker. How are they alike and how are they different? Tell about the information shared on the info-graphic about Greeley.
Pawnee Buttes Daily Bath folly
What resources are found at Pawnee Buttes? In 1877, the Tribune ran this article about why it was not healthy to take daily baths or even to change your clothes often! What reasons did they give for support? Why do you think they didn't want people to take daily baths?
bessie smith and ella mead I25 and Highway 34
Why did the artist Frank Garza include both Bessie Smith and Dr. Ella Mead in the same panel? What was the opportunity cost for Greeley to not be on the I-25 corridor?
potatoes map of greeley 1882
Using three seperate resources, students write to the prompt. Using the map, students determine what was important to the map maker to show about Greeley.
Effects of Erosion on Landforms  
Looking at 5 maps, students explain effects of erosion on landforms.  

Click on the picture that you would like to write about.
To write, click in the text box and type in your words. There is a Word Bank to help with spelling. Check with your teacher about printing your writing. Close the writing window to return to this page.

Rattlesnake Kate
Nathan Meeker Rattlesnake Kate

Shawsheen Great Western Sugar
Centennial Village Spanish Colony
Rec Center
The Poudre River The Recreation Center
Family of Beet workers Early Greeley
Migrant Sugarbeet Workers The Beginning of Greeley
barrell racing Gipson School
The Greeley Independence Stampede Rodeo The Gipson School
Greeley Grays 1938 #3 Ditch sign
The Greeley Grays #3 Ditch
Dr. Ella Mead
Dr. Ella Mead Greeley Train Depot
Ken Monfort collage The Crossing
Ken Monfort The Crossing
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