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Teacher Information
This page has instructions, hints, on-line writing, assessments ,guest speakers and field trip information made especially for the teacher to use in their classrooms. Preview this page at least a week before you plan on using the site for the first time. (Click the links above to go to that section of this page)

*Files for printing now have their own page!* There is also a search for this page and the web at the bottom of this page.

teacher files

Greeley History for Kids

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Printable files are now on their own page. And they are also being broken down to seperate pages. Greeley History for Kids on Pinterest Keep up to date with Greeley History for Kids by following us on Facebook.
Greeley History for Kids on YouTube teachers share Virtual Field Trips
  Here is a page that shows how other teachers have used Greeley History for Kids in their instruction. Teachers Share Virtual Field Trips Walks and Hikes in the Greeley area.

*New for 2013 -2014* Many things will help prepare for 4th grade TCAP online.
Goods and Services are mentioned on Glossary Page, Agriculture Page and Recreation Page. There is also a new page Goods and Services and a drag and drop quiz.

New Early Greeley Timeline page. Linked via the More History Pages page.

New compare events in USA with Greeley history events in timelines page also linked via More History Pages page.

Online writing that will help students prepare for the new online social studies TCAP is here.

Lots of new quizzes that will help prepare for TCAP are here.

More maps and updates using vocabulary from new curriculum on Location Page.

Full-Color How Rattlesnake Kate Got Her Name book that is wonderfully illustrated by Kristy Passard is available here.

New Government Page has taken the place of the Links page. The links will be linked on Resources.

Old stories from District 6 curriculum are found here. PDF text only. They can also be found on Resources page.

Bessie Smith's birth year is corrected. Information is added to Dr. Ella Mead.

Vocabulary Page is now called Glossary. The Index page calls the main page descriptors the Table of Contents.

Printable pdf maps sheets with key and compass rose are available on Teacher Files.

New people on People Pages: Fred P. Noffsinger and J.M.B. Petrikin.

First person or primary source story about Gipson school is linked via the Spanish Colony page.

Just added PDFs of text only on the main people pages. There is also a zipped file of all of those pdfs on the Teacher Files page. I try to keep them updated, but sometimes the site will have new information first.

Page telling the story about "The Fence." It is linked via the More History Page .

Learn about potatoes, sugar beets and cattle on the Agriculture Page linked via the Facts Page. The page now talks a bit about goods and services in Greeley related to agriculture.

Click on the Question tab on the right side of the page to submit any questions. I will do my best to answer them.

On this page, there are new field trip hints.

Geo-tagged Virtual Field Trips
There are two of the Poudre River Trail included on the Recreation Page. This is a good way to let kids explore some mapping skills. I have also added two about the Poudre Learning Center. They may be found via Location page then Poudre Learning Center page. Each of the Virtual Geo-Tagged Field Trips opens in the same window as it is linked in. Therefore, you must back arrow to return to the first page.

Map Showing Points of Interest
Clickable map showing points of interest in Greeley. This also has a compass rose so children can think about direction as they explore the map.The map moves from east to west. This is also on the Location Page.
Points of Interest Map

How the Pages are Written/Hints for Using with Kids
While writing the information for the pages, I tried to meet various reading levels that you will have in a typical classroom. The main ideas are in the bolded sentences or headings. I tried to write those at a lower reading level so that kids who are not strong readers will still understand the important information. If all they can read are the headings, they should have a fair understanding of the topics. Having kids work on the pages in pairs also helps, especially, now that second grade does Greeley History. Of course, you may always project the pages via a Interactive White Board or just a computer and projector. Speakers are needed for parts of the site. Note taking paper or graphic organizers help a lot.

Hopefully, all of the graphics have Alt tags which helps to identify the picture as it loads. To meet the needs of ESL students, I have attempted to shelter some of the most important ideas with graphics or other media.

One of the tricks that I use is to set up a few machines on pages with large files then have students rotate through those in pairs to decrease wait time.

The graphics and media engage the students. The trick is to get them to read the information on the pages, too. I assign the pages that they are to research on and have them be responsible for finding specific information. It helps for them to have some type of note taking organizer available. That is also one of the reasons that I placed most of the pictures at the bottom of pages. It also helps with loading time.

I have a few AudioBoo files. I have embedded the player which only gives the audio. To see the location on a map and a picture, click on the link. The link is usually below the player. This links to my AudioBoo account which is a different site.

Blurb Mobile
I have some Blurb Mobile links. This is to my account on a different website.

360º Panoramas are also on a few pages.
They are on my Occipital account pages.

Browser Help
Preferred browsers are Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. I have not tested Chrome. Screen resolution should be at minimum 1024 x 768 with the highest color settings.

Translated Pages in Spanish
Google provides website translations.
Google Translation Tool.
Greeley History Translated into Spanish

Navigation -Search Feature
You may search the site using Google at the bottom of this page. Type in your subject then have Google search www.greeleyhistory.org for the topic. (It finds some, but not all instances.)

Navigation for most pages is set up with buttons on the top left, text links on the top and bottom of the page. There is a Back to Top link at the bottom of most pages.The keyboard navigation keys may also be helpful. Some long pages have anchor links. (Anchor links help with scrolling. They jump to a spot on the page.)

Most pages, links and pictures do open up in new windows. Have students look for back arrows. If the back arrow is not available, close any new windows when they are finished with the page or else they will have many windows opened and slow down the browser.

Once in a while, a link does open up in the same window. When a page does that, the back arrow will be available. I use this with the geotagged Virtual Field Trips so they don't crash the browser.

You will need current QuickTime along with a PDF reader.
I think I no longer have any Flash files..

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On-Line Writing
on-line writing page resources online writing and quizzes
*This is one of my favorite activities, and this will help prepare for the SCR type questions on the online CMAS.*
On the Resources Page there is a link to the on-line writing page. It is now easier to find with a graphic link. There students can select a topic to write about online. They have a picture and word bank on the page. It will not save so they will have to finish in one setting. A starter is included, but students may highlight and type over to use their own. If your browser has a spell-check feature, they may use that. If your students know how to toggle between windows, it is useful for them to have the page about their topic opened along with the writing page. This is also a great partner activity. You may print out the writing. However, they can only see the writing within the allocated space to get all of their words printed. The space is 30 characters across for 30 lines.

These are online assessments that the students can use to see what they have learned at the end of the unit. These may also be found on the Resources page. These are useful to prepare for the online TCAP.

resources online writing and quizzes

Greeley Dates
This is a short quiz that has kids type in the year of an event in Greeley.

Fill in the Blank Quiz
This has the students pick the correct word to fill in the blank.

Rattlesnake Kate Cloze
There is a drop down menu of all of the missing words. Forty-eight words in all.

Matching Quiz
Match a Picture from Greeley to its name.

Places In Greeley Match Quiz
Match a picture of a place in Greeley to its name.

Vocabulary Quiz
Drag and Drop. Shuffles five words each time the quiz is loaded.

Greeley Quiz
This quiz will randomly show 10 questions about Greeley. There are a total of 20 questions in all.

Match the Event With Its Year
A Drag and Drop quiz.
Multiple Choice Quiz with Text
Students read a text passage about Greeley's location to answer questions.
Timeline Quiz
Students use the timeline to fill in the year an important event in Greeley happened.
Reading a Map Grid
This has students find places on the map and tell where it is located by using the grid.
Goods and Services Drag and Drop Match picture of the good or service to the sentence that describes it.
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Field Trips
Linn Grove Cemetery
1700 Cedar Avenue
Greeley, Colorado 80631
Guided historical tours may be arranged for groups of 10 or more. This would be a fun place to take students to find the gravesites of people they studied. (See the handout below) Be sure to let them know if your class is coming out.
Houston Gardens
515 23 Avenue
Greeley, Colorado 80631
Often fourth grade goes here for a field trip, you may want to check with your school's teachers.

Greeley History Museum
Discover the exciting and unique history of Greeley! Annual rotating exhibits tell the story alongside permanent gallery collections.

714 8th Street
Greeley, Colorado 80631

Guided group tours will have a small charge. Self guided tours are free. Please, make reservations if your group is 10 people or more.

Plumb Farm
Greeley’s historic tree-claim Century Farm. Open for Events. Watch for Baby Animal Days and Pets and Popsicles in the spring and summer months.

955 35 Avenue
Greeley, Colorado 80631
Meeker Home
The Home of the founding family. There is a charge for groups. Open the first Saturday of the month May-October
There is a charge for groups

1324 9 Avenue
Greeley, Colorado 80631

Centennial Village Living History Museum
Experience the living past of Weld County and Greeley 1860-1920, at this open air museum.

1475 A Street
Greeley, Co 80631

There is a 10 minute orientation video available. Guided tours may be scheduled in advance.

Field Trip Guides

When you are planning a field trip to any of the city's museums, do these things in advance to help have a more successful trip.

  • Think about the field trip from both an educational and logistical standpoint
  • Let the staff know of any activities that you are having the students do while on the field trip. If possible give the staff a copy of any worksheets before the field trip.
    • I Spy sheets
    • Vocabulary lists
    • Fact finding
  • Feel free to bring your own lesson plan into the trip, however, be careful that you do not mis-label site items or artifacts.
  • Keep the tour provider in the loop about transportation and lunch requirements.
  • Take care of drinks and bathrooms before arriving so the tour can start on time. There are rest rooms and drinking fountains on site.
  • Educate the adults helpers about modeling good behavior.
  • Be sure everyone on the trip knows about proper museum manners.
Museum Manners
  • Listen respectfully. When the guide is talking, you are quiet.
  • Don't touch. Hands have oils on them that can harm the artifacts.
  • Don't touch with your bodies either. Don't lean on railings or against walls, etc. be careful where you are standing and walking.
  • No food or drinks in the buildings. If the class has water bottles, the guide will tell them where to put the bottles before entering.
  • Silence cell phones and other electronic devices.
Planning Sheet for Filed Trips Map of Linn Grove Virtual Field Trips
Click on the picture above to get a printable pdf or download to your iPad to remind you of what to do to be ready for your field trip to any of the city museums. Click above for a color map of Linn Grove that shows 12 Historic gravesites for Greeley. It also shows a thumbnail of the markers in color to help with finding them. (Shows new Circus Men marker) Also includes a few rules before setting off with your class. Permission granted to use the map image given by City of Greeley. Same file in greyscale.You may download onto an iPad. Virtual Field Trips Walks and Hikes in the Greeley area. If you can't go in person, these may fit your needs.

Poudre Learning Center
8313 F Street
FAX 970-352-1705
Email Ray Tschillard at rtschillard@greeleyschools.org or rtschillard@plcoutdoors.org, or Paulette Weaver at pweaver@plcoutdoors.org.
Poudre Learning Center Website

Come visit the Poudre Learning Center to find out how important the Cache la Poudre River is to our community. This is a wonderful way to get students involved in hands-on learning.

Possible Guest Speakers These are a few resources for possible guest speakers. Try to schedule for a whole unit.

Spanish Colony and Greeley Grays email Gabriel and Jody Lopez
gabriel.Lopez@comcast.net They are willing to talk to classes.


Bill Armstrong or Samantha Eads at the Greeley City Museum.
714 8th Street
Greeley, Colorado 80631
Tannis Bator for performing the Rattlesnake Kate Story. Her original performance is about 20 minutes long.
Other Resources Available

Canned History
714 8th Street
Greeley, Colorado 80631

Bill Armstrong

The kits are being revamped so they are not available at this time. Watch for when the new kits will be available.

City of Greeley Museum Contacts
The museums also offer various programs and classes during the summer for adults.

City Museums Website

Main Number 970-350-9220

Museums Manager
Dan Perry

Curator of Education and Living
Bill Armstrong

Curator of Exhibits
Nancy Lynch

Development Curator
Peggy Ford Waldo

Curator of Collections
Caroline Blackburn

Archives Specialist
Ashley Baranyk

Volunteer and Visitor Services Coordinator
Wendy Potts

JoAnna Stull

Historic Sites Specialist
Randy Smith

Historic Sites
Betsy Kellums
Historic Preservation Specialist

1100 10 Street, Suite 201
Greeley, Colorado 80631


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teacher files teachers share
Google Search for this site and also the Web. Printable files are now on their own page. Here is a page that shows how other teachers have used Greeley History for Kids in their instruction. Teachers Share
Upcoming New 2014-2016
Big Thompson Water Project Page
H. T. West Page
Horace Greeley Page
Japanese immigrants

Online Surveys
Below are two online surveys about the website. One for students and one for teachers. You must have your web browser set up for email. You may want to have students do the survey on a select few computers so that you can monitor. You may only select a random sampling of students to do the survey also. The surveys will help me to improve this resource. Thank you!

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